We're On a Mission! They say you have to build the community you want to live in. And I love my Indian Head community. We have some of the best neighbors. You have probably seen us walking down your street or neighborhood with Levi, Othello, and Lolly. There was Stella -however she passed over the rainbow to cancer. In her honor, we adopted Lolly from the same shelter that we adopted Stella from around 13 years ago.

Shawn and Tony Winthrop

Tony and Shawn both hail from the Washington, DC region, and they are about to Celebrate 23 years together on July 3rd. They both currently work as public servants for the federal government, and each of them work in the media and communications offices. Additionally, Tony has over 30 years working in broadcast media. And Shawn has over 20 years in broadcast media, too! 

We moved to Indian Head over 5 years ago and became actively involved with getting to know all our neighbors by waving to everyone while walking our three pooches. We have botth lived in and around the District of Columbia most of our lives. Indian Head reminds us of the amazingly diverse communities we grew up in while living in DC and the surrounding suburbs in the 70's and 80's. Indian Head truly welcomes everybody. It certainly welcomed us. And as public servants- we believe that we must give back a part of ourselves -and continue to build the welcoming community we want to see... continuing into the future.